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About Company

“Welmotors” Ltd was established in 2014. The company imports spare parts for trucks and its
trailers in Georgia. The company currently has a network of stores across the country located in
Tbilisi, Poti and Kutaisi; In addition company provides technical inspection service in Poti.
We currently employ up to 30 people and they ensure high quality and smooth operation of the
“Welmotors” Ltd cooperates with such large companies / suppliers as: SAMPA, BESER, EKER, FSS, VADEN, SAMPIYON, TIMKEN, MARS, ISIKSANOZTEKNIK, BOSCH, MAKHLE, MIBA and the list is not limited but to expand as company grows.
The company targets to be represented in all other regions across the country which is planned to
open in the near future.
Our vision is to create the highest standard of service with high professionalism and dedication to
work --- to be a leading brand in the direction of truck service in Georgia.